The Blogger Wormhole

If you are a blogger (or any kind of creative go getter) there is one thing that can suck you in and really muck up your life… The Blogger Wormhole. Yup, it is this creepy black hole of endless thinking. As a blogger, you are constantly racking your brain and your life experiences to find content that your readers can relate to. Which is exactly what you should be doing…. ish.

See, there is a fine line between helpful analysis of your life and thoughts to be used on your blog…aaaannnndd… then there’s the Blogger Wormhole. The Blogger Wormhole is when your useful creative juices get all mushy and gooey and become this mess of overthinking the choices and experiences you’ve had in your life. You begin to get stuck in the Why Me and the What if I would have thinking modes. You know, the crap that leaves you laying on the couch in your pjs with a bowl of ice cream in your lap and cheese puffs in your hair, while a sappy rom-com plays in the background. Yeah, welcome to the Blogger Wormhole. While you are in the creepy darkness of the wormhole you find yourself crying over “spilled milk” from your endless thoughts of a life past and a future that might be a touch scary. You’re in it. You’re in deep.


There is hope, friend. You can get your ass out of that hole and keep yourself out. Would you like to know how? STOP OVERTHINKING! Keep your thinking cap on just long enough to grab the general concept you need for your post. Once you have that beginning nugget of an idea… turn it on your readers. Start coming up with similar examples that they may have gone through. Then go back into the hole, just for a minute, to see what you learned from your experience. Then GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE! Don’t waste time analyzing if what you did was the best thing or not. Move on. Get your snippet and fill in the rest of your blog post with ideas that might help your followers with their specific problem-o.

Creating content with this process is great because now your blog wont just be me Me ME. You will be more relatable and more helpful. Your readers will be all, Whoa! That was freakin’ awesome! It’s like she’s my bestie and I told her my secrets. How did she know that?! Don’t you want to be your followers’ bestie?! Duh. Just remember you aren’t a good bestie if you are stuck in the depressing, nasty, dark Blogger Wormhole. So dip your toe in but don’t take the plunge headfirst.


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