3 Relaxation Techniques to Keep You Motivated

Staying relaxed and motivated isn't always as easy as you need it to be when you are living a Boss life. Try these 3 simple techniques to keep you the Boss juices flowing.


Sometimes we get so wrapped up in deadlines and providing perfectly inspiring content that we become stressed out. Do you ever feel like in those moments you either put out half a$$ work or you get so stuck that you cant get anything finished at all! Eeek! That’s no good. Part of this is because your natural stress instincts kick in. Your body starts reacting the only way it knows how. Your heart rate speeds up, it begins prepping itself to run away. See ya later, deadline. So we have come up with a few things you can try to help you relax, so you can put out your best work.

Deep Breathing

This is a pretty simple concept but the reward is great. While you breathe instinctively throughout the day, there are breathing techniques you can practice to give yourself the extra boost and clear mind when you need to get sh*t done. Using a technique known as “firebreath” can really relax and energize your mind and body. To begin get yourself into a comfortable position giving your belly plenty of room to go in and out. Once you’re comfy, begin panting like a dog. Do this for a moment. Now, close your mouth and start taking quick breathes again but through your nose. Now go back and forth between the two breathing styles. Continue firebreathing until you begin to feel slightly dizzy but still energized and awake. Don’t go any further than this… unless you want to pass out. Which we do not recommend as a good idea. The great thing about practicing this quick breathing technique is that you are doing more than calming your body in that moment, you’re also training your body to be less stressed all around. Overtime you wont have to practice breathing. Your body will naturally remember what to do in stressful situations. So the need to practice breathing or even being stressed will diminish! Woot! There are many other techniques like deep breathing or OM breathing. Pick your fav and give it a go daily.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This technique is a bit more difficult to begin. But the physical relief you will fell will relax your mind and you will gain more focus. Begin by lying on your back. Allow your legs and arms to melt to the side of you. Once comfortable tense your body isolating one body part at a time. Tense each part for about 30 seconds. You can begin with your toes and feet and work to your face and head or begin with you head and head down your body. The choice is yours. Some have found it beefical to place a finger on your temple as you go through this process. By doing this you are creating a memory of this technique. The goal being that you will eventually be able to simply place your finger on your temple and instantly feel the release of stress from your body.


We know kissing someone special is amazing and hopefully takes us to a hhappy place. But the cool thing is that there is actually some science behind this wonderful feeling that we often crave. Actually kissing someone you care about releases happy happy hormonoes like oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine… You know the chemicals we rush to the gym to for. (So obviously going to the gym would also be another great way to relax and reenergize.) These chemicals all work in our bodies to calm us and give us that loving feelin’ inside. Kissing is also great for the immune system. Many believe that a little smooch boosts our virus fighting defenses. And a little French kissing with honey can fight cavities. The more saliva you get going the better. So call your lover and go at it like teenagers. Fun and healthy? Yes, please!

These are only a few of the many many tricks you can try to reduce your stress and to help you enjoy your life a little bit more. Try one or try them all. It’s up to you… Just try something! You deserve a peaceful happy life.

Make sure to leave us a comment about what technique you tried to help you relax. Can’t wait to hear what kind of fun you had!

Why YOU Need A Brand

 This is how you are going to change your life for good.
Personal branding seems to be a major buzzword at the moment. Everyone is climbing on the personal branding wagon in hopes of claiming instant success. With all these hustlers building inspiring careers it’s easy to get excited and a bit overwhelmed. But there is no reason to be overwhelmed. You are reading this blog so you totally have what it takes to pull it off! So how do you get started, right?! Bet you’re asking yourself, What the heck is a personal brand? Do I need one? And a million other questions are probably running through that head of yours. Honestly, the question you should be asking is, Am I ready to brand my life? But let’s go ahead and walkthrough your questions, shall we…
In 1997 Tom Peters wrote an article for Fast Company where he talked about “The Brand Called You” This was the birth of the personal brand. The entire concept of a personal brand was, and is, to get individuals, YOU, to build a brand that allows them to stand out in a room of cubicles. So, the idea of a personal brand is really simple. Build a brand the same way a company like Apple or Nike would, but this brand isn’t for a company. It’s for your career. In another article for Fast Company, Barry S. Saltzman writes, “It provides a clear focus for personal development while establishing yourself as a thought leader.” You’re building a reputation as a leader or influencer for your niche industry. So by this definition, if you are looking to further your career, land a better job, build a business or really do anything in the “career” sphere, you need a personal brand.
Peters wrote, “Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc.” So it is pretty safe to say that if you are reading this, you need and should have a personal brand. But here’s the thing… Today, we live in the era of the Millennial. Millennials want a connection, honesty and authenticity. They want more than a personal brand showing them how awesome you are at your job. They want to really get to know you. To understand why you are so brilliant. They also want the good stuff and the bad. They want it all. They want the WHOLE picture. This is where that question of Am I ready to brand my life? comes in.
Say hello to the new face of personal branding, Life Branding. Life branding is just like a personal brand. You are branding ME Inc. BUT instead of simply branding your professional image you are branding the whole shebang. You are branding your career, your relationships, your style, your health, your home. EVERYTHING! In 2008 Merrill Lynch estimated that in 2020 about 46% of the workforce will consist of Millennials. So it is safe to say that whatever age group you are, you will be working with or for one. Or Are One!
So it is time we start thinking about what that means for the current mainstream idea of a personal brand. We have to be more open and authentic to who we are and what our values are. Companies are getting to a point where they care less about what a piece of paper says about your job history and more about who you are as a person. They want to be sure that your values match their values and ideals.
Just look at what companies are doing today. They are taking down store walls, so to speak, and giving you an inside look into the life and heart of the company. They are showing it all. The processes they use, what their HQ looks like, inside looks into their employees. Anymore, you really have an incredible opportunity to dig into a company brand and get connected. So why aren’t we doing more of that? It is really jiving for the big companies like 86 Lumber or Facebook.
So to grab that instant success you have to start thinking outside the box of personal branding. Expand your limits and brand your entire life. Start by creating a brand strategy. Really dig deep into what is most important to you and how you live your life, now and in the future. We will really dive into creating a brand strategy later on but basically you need to create a guide book of how the brand of YOU is going to look and feel. Really think about how you want others to see you as a human and as a professional. Just be sure you are staying true to YOU. No one likes a phony. The process to building your brand is not easy. But grab a glass of your fav bubbly and get branding. Because if you brand your whole life you will not only be more prepared for a millennial workforce, but you will live a truly fulfilled life where the possibilities are endless.
We want to hear from you. Be sure to drop us a note below and let us know how you life brand is going.

Making Dreams Come True


Chasing your dreams is no easy fete. So often we are riddled with fear, doubt, insecurity… Y’all know the list can go on a mile long. So how do we let go of that big, long, scary list and turn our dreams into reality?
Probably the easiest part to chasing our dreams is making them. Letting inspiration flow over you and conjuring up how you want your life or maybe business to look. What you have to do once those inspirational juices start flowing is write it down! Go to the store find your self the cutest (or most badass) notebook you can find, go home, sit down with pen (make it permanent but don’t be afraid to scratch out and scribble more) in hand and write. Get those dreams out of your head and onto a tangible list you can hold and see.
Now it is time to start doing something about those awesome dreams you’ve thought up… Um, yeah, okay. Are you thinking, “Good one. Let me get right on that. After! I do the laundry, feed the kids, wash the dog, go to the store…” Okay, so that list you just created in your head, the one with all the things you need to do before you follow your dreams… Yeah, add that to your list that’s a mile long. Ain’t nobody got time for that list. Not when you’re building your empire of dreams. Instead forget about the list that is a mile long and focus on the list of dreams. Look at it every single day. Maybe add a few more details to that awesome dream of yours.
Now, eventually there will come a time when the stars align and the Universe says, “K Girl, it’s time to jump.” This is the time to take that list that is a mile long, build a giant bomb fire and burn that sucker till it’s crispy little bits of ash. You don’t need that list and you certainly don’t want that list. It’s dream-making time! So, get up and do. No, the DO part of chasing dreams is not easy but it’s what you have to do. You have to look at your book of dreams and DO IT. That is the only way to make them happen. Sorry there isn’t a magic pill to take or enchanted wand to wave. Chasing dreams, especially the big ones, requires action from YOU and no one else.
But guess what, you are an incredibly talented, beautiful K Girl that can 100% do this. We would love to know how this post is helping you chase those dreams or share some tips on how y’all are getting’ it done. Cheers to the chase, y’all!

Find Your Mantra

Find the mantra to make your life golden!
Today is all about cultivating a happy life. To do that let’s come up with a simple mantra that will make you feel like true Southern Gold. A mantra is simply a saying that helps to guide you. Maybe you need a bit more courage, peace and serenity, to bring about more happiness, the list is endless. So pick something that you wish to bring more of into your life. Next come up with a little phrase when you need a feeling boost. Here are some examples.
1. I am Golden (happy and successful)
2. Happiness if Contagious
3. Breathe and your soul is at peace, listen and your heart is open
4. Let your heart lead you
5. Be a Tigress
For more mantra ideas check these out!
Tiny Buddha
Huffington Post
Mind Body Green
Got any good mantras you would like to share? Tell us in the comments!

Create a Morning Routine

Start your day off right with the best morning routine for you!
For Day 13 of the Southern Gold Challenge, you are tasked with writing down a morning ritual you would like to give a whirl. Here is a nice simple example to get your day started.
Place your alarm clock across the room.
Set your alarm clock to a Happy Song.
Shake your groove thing all the way across the room to turn off your alarm.
Jump in the shower before anything else
Turn on your radio and boogie while you get dolled up for your day
Have a light delicious breakfast and an invigorating cup of coffee or tea
Do one thing to bring you joy.
Write a blog post
Read a book chapter
Crochet a few rows
Creating a morning routine is meant to help you to get motivated and inspire positivity for the rest of your day. Keep that in mind when you are creating yours. Write this list down. Tomorrow we are going to put it into action!

Tackle Goal 1

Tackle a goal today and keep moving to a golden life!

Remember those goals you made on day one of your 30 day Southern Gold Challenge? Today is your chance to tackle your first ultimate goal. Can’t remember what your goal was? Go back to the list and pick a new one. Feel accomplished and know that you are on the right track to a happy golden life, one goal at a time.
Day 1 of the Southern Gold Challenge

Set 3 Goals

SGC Day 1
Happy Day 1 of your 30 Day Southern Gold Challenge! Lucky for you day 1 is a somewhat of an easy challenge. Today you just have to write down 3 goals you want to accomplish in the next 30 days. These don’t have to be profoundly difficult. They can be simple. However, feel free to dig a little deeper if you so choose. Below are 20 ideas that you can snag or use to springboard you into what your heart desires.

1. Start an herb garden
2. Rearrange your living room
3. Change your cover picture on social media
4. Take a different route to work
5. Signup for an Italian course
6. Give yourself a mani pedi
7. Start a journal
8. Ride your bike to work
9. Start couponing
10. Take a yoga class
11. Check out a tourist attraction
12. Start a Vacation Savings Jar
13. Make a strategy for your personal brand
14. Join a CSA
15. Join a new MeetUp group
16. Make a business plan for the business you’ve been thinking about
17. Invite an old friend over for dinner
18. Organize the messiest drawer in your house
19. Go to a U-Pick farm
20. Start a blog
We would absolutely love to know what 3 goals you chose for your Day 1 of your 30 Day Southern Gold Challenge. Share in the comments or on social media!

3 Things to Get You Motivated

Motivating yourself to do anything can be difficult. Especially if you are feeling slightly blue. Here are 3 helpful hints to get you back on the motivational band wagon.
Get happy and motivated today!
1. Set a happy song as your alarm.
Today almost everyone has a phone smart enough to use a mp3 song as your alarm, so take advantage of this motivating feature. Choose a song that makes you smile or better yet, makes you dance! The minute that song starts you will have to jump out of bed and start dancing! Isn’t that how every morning is supposed to start? With a smile and some fun. Here are some of our favorites:
        Fruit Machine by The Ting Tings
        Happy by Pharrell Williams
        Bold Soul Sister by Ike & Tina Turner
  Lose Control by Missy Elliot
2. Laugh, a lot.
The New York Times reported that a study by psychologist, Robin Dunbar from Oxford, found that the physical act of laughing releases endorphins. So, you get the same endorphin release from laughing as you do from a workout. Many of us are not motivated enough to workout so until we get there, there is always that good old, belly hurts, crying on the floor laughing. And if you can workout and laugh, well then, you are in great shape!

3. Surround yourself with friends.
Don’t let yourself to be the person who sits on the couch watching reruns of “Friends, eating chips. That will simply feed into your unmotivated being. Call up your girls and go to the beach or have coffee with your BFF. If getting out of the house is just too much then invite them over for a movie night. Throw pillows on the floor and find the funniest chic flick you can think of. Yes, you are still sitting around watching TV, but you aren’t alone. Being social will help lift your funk and get you motivated in no time.

So the moral of the story is laugh a lot with friends; oh, and dance! Find ways to make you happy. A happy life will motivate you to do more things that make you feel alive. Start small with our 3 suggestions and you will be motivate in no time. Just be patient. We are all different; for some it may take a day for others it may be a month before the urge to get moving kicks in. No matter how long it takes it is worth it. Remember motivation equals happiness! Go be happy.