Why Giving Your Brand A Break Is Okay

Hi beautiful friends! Our founder, Kiki, has a little something to share with you as we kick off our new look & vibe.
Well, hello! I wanted to take the opportunity on this first blog of the fabulous new K Girl to share a bit about what has been going on with myself and with K Girl, and why it’s okay. I am sure you have noticed that since K Girl first launched three years ago we have been anything but consistent. Our content was spotty, our brand was mismatched. We have been running a bit chaotically. So I made the choice to take a little, okay maybe a lot, of time off and refocus.
When I started K Girl it was at the end of a serious relationship. It was a time in my life where I began realizing I had lost myself in the relationship and I no longer knew who I was. So I created the K Girl blog as a way not only to find myself but to help other fabulous women find themselves too. Of course, in hindsight it may have been smarter to have found myself first and then shared what I learned with all of you… or was it truly smarter? The chicken or the egg…
Over the past few years I have definitely found myself and also honed in on why I started K Girl and what I want K Girl to look like in the long haul. I found that I love helping people and empowering women, like myself. I also found that my favorite way to do this is through branding. I believe that life branding is one of those life components that often times gets overlooked and underestimated. A life brand is a brilliant, concise way to define who you are and where you are going in life, love and profession. We’ll dive deeper into what a life brand is later down the road.) But like many humans it took me awhile to discover my purpose and define it.
I have had many ideas for K Girl. And I have time and time again announced my new divine plan, and then… faltered. I either never started or my idea and motivation quickly fizzled. Last year as I was preparing for the birth of my first child I had a serious chat with myself (not out loud, don’t worry, I am not nuts). I called myself out. I was being lazy, undirected. I needed a reset. So, I hit the pause button. I spent the past year dreaming up ideas but not dramatically announcing them to the world. Instead I took a more organic approach; I quietly talked about them to close friends and then I did something truly important. I discovered how I work best.
This was important because it was the beginning of curing my lazy-self. I totally stopped what I was doing and put all my focus into figuring out the best method for me to accomplish all I wanted. I also needed to be able to sustain this new form of working. What I found was that I am super focused from about 7am – 11am and that I get creative at about 2am… Yeah, so not sustainable. Going to bed at 3 am and waking up at 6am while being a single mom to a one year old just wasn’t going to work. So, I decided to just be organic with it. Some days I get up at 6 and other days it’s more like 10 when little man wakes up (Yes, I am crazy lucky that my kid goes to bed at 10pm and gets up at 10am). I haven’t yet found a way to honor both of my working times within the same day. I am still, and always will be, a work in progress. But I am focising on me and how I can bring my dreams to fruition, while still honoring all parts of my life.
Sometimes that means you have to put everything on hold and figure shit out. So that sucked for all of you because my little sabbatical meant K Girl was a total inconsistent hot mess. So finally a few months ago I made the choice to totally shut it down. No more blogs, no more social media posts. Nothing. I wanted to be sure I was truly ready for the next phase of my life and K Girl. Now, if K Girl had a larger following and was a bigger operation this would have been a problem. However, K Girl isn’t there yet(but just you wait, boooyyee!). We are still an unknown blog with a handful of incredibly generous followers. So I had the ability to do this. And I am forever grateful to you for allowing me to take that time.
The whole putting your life on hold may seem nuts but it really is freeing. For those of us who seem to be aimlessly wandering through this world, a total reset is exactly what we need. Now, when you do this no apologizing! You are honoring you and your beautiful hustle. Everyone else can deal with it. When you get back to reality you will be a more confident beautiful person. You will be a better person for you AND everyone else. So it’s a win-win!
I get that you may not be able to take a year or two off and find YOU. But you can still be cognizant of the world you live in and discover the life brand that not only defines who you are but that you can exude with joy and confidence. I had to do this while learning to be a new mom too. So it’s not like I was just at home eating bon-bons. If I can do it you can too.
Just remember to be unapologetic, honest and loving to yourself and others during this transition of YOU. At the end of the day you owe it to yourself to dive into you. Figure out your dreams, how you work and what is the best approach to make it all come true… for you.
You got this.


We want to hear from you. Be sure to drop us a note below and let us know how you have and are honoring yourself to find your life brand.

Spreading Love on Giving Tuesday

We live in a Give It To Me Now society. We want it and we want it now. But this is the season of giving and reflection. Today is Giving Tuesday. Its a humble reminder to give love to those who need a little extra loving. So what are you going to do? How are you going to spread love with your grace and charm?

A fan favorite is always to donate a penny or two to your favorite charity or non-profit. Maybe this year, don’t simply write a check or hit the pay button. Add a little meditation after you give your money love. Think of those you are donating to. Send them a little more than money. Send them a heap of love sent through the energy that connects us. For a great organization to donate to go to No Kid Hungry and help our team raise money to feed the bellies of little girls and boys in America.

If you’re looking for another favorite way to give, volunteer. Volunteer your time. This is often an act of giving that really humbles the heart in a deeply profound way. When you put yourself in the heart of it all you are forced to feel, see and hear things you may not normally experience on a day-to-day basis. Spread your love with a personal touch. Food Banks are great places to volunteer. They are always in need of help. Find one near you

But don’t forget about volunteering your services. What do you do for a living? Or what are you good at? Are you a photographer? Volunteer at a shelter taking adorable pics of the fur babies so the shelter can post the pics on their website or social media pages. Who doesn’t love giving adorable little fur balls a loving home?! Maybe your talents lie in your delicious cooking… Bake some yummies for all the volunteers that are helping out. They need nourishment to keep them doing amazingly selfless work. Get creative and lend a hand however you can.

At the end of the day Giving Tuesday is simply a day to remind us to love one another and to give humbly with grace and charm. Remember, it doesn’t matter how much you donate or what you do to give. What matters is that you open your heart and spread as much love as you possibly can. And maybe this year we can keep the Giving going… Those in need could use your love everyday. So give often and give with grace and charm. Happy Giving Tuesday, y’all.

In the comments below let us know how you gave this Giving Tuesday.




Women Like to Talk BUT Silence Is Bliss

Women Like To Talk
Anyone else love to talk? Show of hands. Yeah, it is no secret that most women LOVE to talk. We talk about the sky, what’s trending, what we ate today, how we’re feeling, how someone else should feel… EVERYTHING! A lot of times we literally talk things to death. Especially with our male companions. We talk when we really need to shut up.
It has been sad that women talk 3x more than men. One study says “the average woman uses up 20,000 words in a day – 13,000 more than the average man.” That is a lot of chatter. But ladies, it’s not really your fault. Dr. Louann Brizendine (http://drlouann.ning.com/), author of The Female Brain, says that when a woman talks her brain releases chemicals that give her a high like a heroin addict. Um, that’s crazy talk! But it’s true. So, our secret is out, we do love hearing ourselves talk. #SorryNotSorry We can’t help it! Or can we?
What we can help is how much we talk to our counterparts. Dr. Brixendine found that the female brain has larger pockets for communication, emotion and social connections. While the male brain has large pockets for sex and aggression. That sounds about right. With this information about the way our brains are set up it makes sense that men tune us out. They simply don’t have the space in their brains to absorb all that we are spewing at them. They want to talk about sex and how pissed off they are.
Let’s say your man is having a really bad day. He is super pissed and wants to vent. He starts going on about what happened and then…. You interject. You ask him how that made him feel. Then you ask him what he could have done differently. His response will usually be, “Nothing. I did everything I could.” Good one. Women look at the world like a puzzle. We look for all the ways we can put the puzzle together until we find the right way. We have to figure it out until we get it right. Many men try it one way and if it doesn’t work they move on. But in our need to “talk it out” we have to give him all the different ways he could have gotten through the day or whatever it is he is pissed about. The thing is he doesn’t really care. He said what he needed to say and feels better. He’s ready to move on to more important matters like sex and food. So by the time you get half way through your “How to Make Life Better” speech he is already thinking about sex. You’ve lost him. But yet you keep talking.
So let’s stop talking and start listening more. We don’t have to solve everything. Sometimes there is nothing to solve. Sometimes all we can do is be a silent rock for him to lean on. Just because our brains are wired to have a need to communicate doesn’t mean we can’t find other ways of doing it. Silence can truly be bliss. Listen to what he is saying. If we use the social connection part of our brains we will find that we are very good at reading people. So listen and look for his cues. If he doesn’t specifically ask for your opinion he may not want it. He may just want to let a little bit of aggression out and then let the rest out with some steamy sex. Whatever it is he needs the only way to figure it out is to listen first then talk (or maybe not).
Lastly, there is that whole business about the chemicals that make us high when we chat. We can’t change chemistry but we can find other ways of getting high. Like exercise or shopping!
Will talking is oh so fabulous it isn’t the only way to communicate. So, let’s try some of those silent ways of expression. Like a kiss, holding hands, a wink, the list keeps going. Silence is bliss!
We’d love to know what ways you are trying to communicate these day. Drop us a line in the comments section!

Define Your Brand & Go Get It!

Define Your Brand & Go Get It!
When you build a personal brand you are fully embracing your genuine self. So why do you keep stuff in your life that contradict the brand of YOU? Sometimes you have to take that leap of faith and chase the dream you want. Even if that means being a little lost and confused along the way. Just remember that you are awesome. So live it!
So, what is a personal brand? A personal brand is you and all of your divine glory. It is your dreams, your inspirations, your goals and your powerful knowledge. It’s YOU! To truly capture the brand you want to put out to the world start with a list. Write it down and define it for yourself. Here is a little sample of what that might look like.
You are the brand. Who are you & what do you want?
You are the brand. Who are you & what do you want?
Now that you have a list of what the genuine you looks like it’s time to define that in a deeper way. What do you need to do to embrace this brand? Where do you need to volunteer, work or live? Look at every aspect of your life and figure are if you are living a life that inspires your brand. If it’s not then it is time to make a change.
Now, you have a choice. You can be the cautious brander and slowly make your way to Awesome Town or you can jump feet first and grab the life you want. Either way is perfectly okay. You have to do what is right for you. That is the whole point of building your brand. It’s all about what makes you happy. If you are going to take the little by little approach prioritize your list. Start with what is the most important piece for you. Then put them in order from easiest to hardest. Remember you are prioritizing everything. You have the list of what defines you and your sub lists. Prioritize each of these lists. Got your list? Now start with an easy one and make something happen! Then keep going.
Now, if you are more of a jump feet first kind of gal then do something big and drastic. Throw caution to the wind and take a risk. You may break some rules and jump without knowing where you will land but that is okay. Some of the most beautiful things in life are unplanned. Whatever you decide to do it’s all good as long as it pushes you to be happier and find your inspiration.
It may be cliché to say but life truly is too short to be wasted away. You are a divine women. Your life should match your soul. You got this!

Just Say, ‘I Love You’

Tell someone you love them. It's that simple to brighten a day.
There are 3 letters that when put together can mean the world to someone. “I love you.” They may not seem like much on a screen but when said to someone who means a lot to you, those 3 words can move mountains. ‘I love you’ seems to rarely be said anymore. Maybe you worry that it may be taken the wrong way or it might scare you to be left so vulnerable. What you need to remember is that you only have to say it if you feel it. How many times do you see someone and think about saying ‘I love you’ and then don’t? Instead of just thinking those 3 words, say them. So for day 7 of the 30 Southern Gold Challenge you simply have to tell all the people who are important to you in your life how much you love them. You will brighten their day and yours. Spread the love and remember, you are a K Girl and we LOVE YOU!