September Book Klub

Often times we read things that come from a single source. They are often slanted to the viewpoint of the writers. But in The Nature Fix, author Florence Williams brilliantly walked into her journey merely seeking answers to questions she really didn’t understand. Just as many of us don’t really know why being outdoors makes us feel good but we would like to know why. Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to harness Mother Nature and have her wisdom in our ear whenever we need it? The Nature Fix will give you just that.

The Nature Fix is so much more than a boring book about how nature can help you. Florence Williams takes us on a journey through countries and time as she unravels the mysteries that nature has over us mortals. Her witty outlook on her epic date with Mother Nature is a true delight. You will be captivated to learn and read more.

SO grab your cup of bark tea (if you dare), find a beautiful meadow and enjoy this lovable, knowledge packed book into why nature is good for your life brand.

Finding Your Silver Lining

 Feeling like life is one big pot of crazy?! Need something to make you smile? Your silver lining might just be right in front of you.
Life can be tough. Do you often find yourself engulfed in the daily grind? Never truly seeing or appreciating your life… Then POOF! You wake up one day and your whole life has flown by. Sure, maybe you take time for yourself but you can’t seem to relax long enough to soak up the benefits from the escape. Here’s the kicker… It is a simple-ish switch in your mindset. If you want to bring more happiness into your life you have to put in the effort to appreciate ALL that you have. Yes, ALL, even the crappy stuff.
Those negative bits of life, that irritate the hell out of you, do have silver linings. You simply have to look for them. Sometimes they are harder to see than other moments, but they are there. Let’s say you have an extremely negative person in your life. What is the first thing you are going to do? You are going to tell them to peace out. Right?! That’s happiness 101. Get rid of all negative energy. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this simply isn’t always an option. Either they keep finding their way back into your life or they are an in-law or someone you are usually fond of and aren’t ready to let go of. No matter what the reason is for them staying in your life, you have to remember that there IS a reason. The reason isn’t always that they are one day going to be your BFF or your fav person. Sometimes the drama they are dishing out will affect another area of your life. Maybe the drama they are bringing into your life pushes you closer to someone else. Hopefully, once their purpose for you life is fulfilled (in the eyes of the Cosmos) the Negative Nelly will find their way out of your life. Often when you focus your attention elsewhere (like a budding health relationship) the party pooper moves one, because you aren’t taking the time and energy to feed their egos by joining in on their drama fest. Sometimes these types just want to alienate you or ruin another relationship you have. Hopefully this only makes your relationship stronger! Silver Lining!!
Sometimes it’s not a person but a piece of your life. Maybe it’s your crappy job, working for crappy people, in a crappy city. Sure, maybe it started out awesome. You were excited and challenged. What could possibly go wrong?! Well… a pile of crap can go wrong. It just keeps piling up until one day you realize you no longer know or love your life. But there is still time to fix it. Dust off that resume, update your personal brand, create a life brand. As you do all of this you will see how much wiser you are and how much more kick butt experience you now have. All because of the crappiness you have been experiencing in your life. These new powerhouse traits you have picked up are going to help you land a truly awesome job… silver lining. Boom.
The thing about silver linings is that you have to look for them. They aren’t always jumping up and down right in front of your face screaming, “Yo! Hom girl! It’s me, a silver lining.” That would be awesome but totally not gonna happen… 99% of the time. And if you are looking and you really can’t find them… well, that’s because it’s all inside your head. You need to relax and refocus. You can’t see them because your head is a total mush ball of chaotic crappy crap trying to ruin your life. Don’t let it do that. Take back control over your mind (and your life) and find those damn silver linings!
To gain that control you have to remember that life won’t suck forever. In the meantime, enjoy those silver linings and don’t forget to give those crappy moments a chuckle. You never know when a silver lining is hiding inside. So, change your mind, let positivity in and shut out the crap. Otherwise, you are going to get sucked into the crap hole and you seriously don’t want that.
Stay positive and hopeful. Eventually, whatever issue you have will resolve itself, one way or another. You simply have to be patient and enjoy every little happy moment you can grasp onto. And in those frustrating moments keep your faith in that silver lining.

10 Summer Fundays

Make your summer end with a bang! Enjoy these 10 Summer Fundays.

With a few more weeks of summer left, it’s time to make the most of the warm sunshine. We’ve got some fabulous summer fundays to make these last weeks extraordinarily memorable.

Cape Cod Bike Ride & Picnic

You don’t have to live at the Cape to enjoy the iconic summer vibe. Find yourself the cutest picnic basket and fill it with all of your favorite goodies. Don’t forget a cute vase to add some flare to you picnic with some fresh picked flowers from your picnic extravaganza. When you basket is packed strap it onto your cruiser and head to the park or near by lake.


Backyard Camping Trip

Sure, you could have a simple backyard camping night, weekend, whatever… BUT why not take it up a notch. Invite your girlfriends, your lucky fella or enjoy the time alone. Set up your tent, add a movie projector, hotdog and s’mores bar… And you’ve got yourself a night of fancy backyard camping.


Polaroid Picture Adventure

There is just something beautifully nostalgic about a polaroid picture. Snag yourself a camera on Amazon and hit the road. Spend the day searching for the perfect summer inspired pictures.


Basic Girl Day

We all love the best of the Basic Girl trends. Why not make a silly day out of doing all the “Basic” things of life. Start your day with some avocado toast and a delicious cup of coffee. Get yourself gorgeous and have a Snapchat selfie sesh. Then you absolutely have to spend the afternoon floating in the pool on a fabulously extra large pink swan. Top the night off with some sushi and a rom-com… don’t forget the rosé!


Get Your Park On

When was the last time someone went parking on a date? Find a secluded spot with a beautiful view and park your car. Hop in the backseat and enjoy a steamy makeout sesh. Enjoy the romantic throwback!


Swing and Read

Grab your summer read and curl up in a hammock. Make sure to grab a light cozy blanket, a crisp glass of wine and a soft pillow. Maybe a few snack too! If you’re looking for the right boo head over to the K Girl Book Klub and grab your copy of our monthly read (don’t forget to signup so you get a new fab book each month).


Find the Perfect Home

Even if you aren’t in the market for a new home, spend the day house hunting. Hit up all the open houses you can find. Be sure to bring a camera and pen and paper. You never know what clever ideas you might see.


Be a Tourist

Get to know your town. Take the day hitting up all the local hotspots and tourist attractions.


Watch a Sunrise

We always catch a beautiful sunset. But how often do we catch a beautiful sunrise? Make yourself some coffee or tea and find a comfy spot to watch the sunrise. Really take in this beautiful moment and let it energize your day.


Throw a Birthday Bash

Who cares if your birthday is in December? Throw yourself a ½ birthday party full of summer fun from when you were a kid. Set up a water sprinkler and maybe a slip n’ slide. Top it all off is a full on sundae bar. Let out your inner child and get wild! Feel free to add an adult flare with some Jell-O shots and you fav drinking game. Just be sure everyone has responsible fun!


With all these great ideas, you are sure to end summer on with a bang. Life is about having fun; whatever you do make sure you are having fun. Get out and experience this beautiful time of year!

Let us know how you enjoyed your summer fundays. Leave a comment below!




Making Dreams Come True


Chasing your dreams is no easy fete. So often we are riddled with fear, doubt, insecurity… Y’all know the list can go on a mile long. So how do we let go of that big, long, scary list and turn our dreams into reality?
Probably the easiest part to chasing our dreams is making them. Letting inspiration flow over you and conjuring up how you want your life or maybe business to look. What you have to do once those inspirational juices start flowing is write it down! Go to the store find your self the cutest (or most badass) notebook you can find, go home, sit down with pen (make it permanent but don’t be afraid to scratch out and scribble more) in hand and write. Get those dreams out of your head and onto a tangible list you can hold and see.
Now it is time to start doing something about those awesome dreams you’ve thought up… Um, yeah, okay. Are you thinking, “Good one. Let me get right on that. After! I do the laundry, feed the kids, wash the dog, go to the store…” Okay, so that list you just created in your head, the one with all the things you need to do before you follow your dreams… Yeah, add that to your list that’s a mile long. Ain’t nobody got time for that list. Not when you’re building your empire of dreams. Instead forget about the list that is a mile long and focus on the list of dreams. Look at it every single day. Maybe add a few more details to that awesome dream of yours.
Now, eventually there will come a time when the stars align and the Universe says, “K Girl, it’s time to jump.” This is the time to take that list that is a mile long, build a giant bomb fire and burn that sucker till it’s crispy little bits of ash. You don’t need that list and you certainly don’t want that list. It’s dream-making time! So, get up and do. No, the DO part of chasing dreams is not easy but it’s what you have to do. You have to look at your book of dreams and DO IT. That is the only way to make them happen. Sorry there isn’t a magic pill to take or enchanted wand to wave. Chasing dreams, especially the big ones, requires action from YOU and no one else.
But guess what, you are an incredibly talented, beautiful K Girl that can 100% do this. We would love to know how this post is helping you chase those dreams or share some tips on how y’all are getting’ it done. Cheers to the chase, y’all!

Women Like to Talk BUT Silence Is Bliss

Women Like To Talk
Anyone else love to talk? Show of hands. Yeah, it is no secret that most women LOVE to talk. We talk about the sky, what’s trending, what we ate today, how we’re feeling, how someone else should feel… EVERYTHING! A lot of times we literally talk things to death. Especially with our male companions. We talk when we really need to shut up.
It has been sad that women talk 3x more than men. One study says “the average woman uses up 20,000 words in a day – 13,000 more than the average man.” That is a lot of chatter. But ladies, it’s not really your fault. Dr. Louann Brizendine (, author of The Female Brain, says that when a woman talks her brain releases chemicals that give her a high like a heroin addict. Um, that’s crazy talk! But it’s true. So, our secret is out, we do love hearing ourselves talk. #SorryNotSorry We can’t help it! Or can we?
What we can help is how much we talk to our counterparts. Dr. Brixendine found that the female brain has larger pockets for communication, emotion and social connections. While the male brain has large pockets for sex and aggression. That sounds about right. With this information about the way our brains are set up it makes sense that men tune us out. They simply don’t have the space in their brains to absorb all that we are spewing at them. They want to talk about sex and how pissed off they are.
Let’s say your man is having a really bad day. He is super pissed and wants to vent. He starts going on about what happened and then…. You interject. You ask him how that made him feel. Then you ask him what he could have done differently. His response will usually be, “Nothing. I did everything I could.” Good one. Women look at the world like a puzzle. We look for all the ways we can put the puzzle together until we find the right way. We have to figure it out until we get it right. Many men try it one way and if it doesn’t work they move on. But in our need to “talk it out” we have to give him all the different ways he could have gotten through the day or whatever it is he is pissed about. The thing is he doesn’t really care. He said what he needed to say and feels better. He’s ready to move on to more important matters like sex and food. So by the time you get half way through your “How to Make Life Better” speech he is already thinking about sex. You’ve lost him. But yet you keep talking.
So let’s stop talking and start listening more. We don’t have to solve everything. Sometimes there is nothing to solve. Sometimes all we can do is be a silent rock for him to lean on. Just because our brains are wired to have a need to communicate doesn’t mean we can’t find other ways of doing it. Silence can truly be bliss. Listen to what he is saying. If we use the social connection part of our brains we will find that we are very good at reading people. So listen and look for his cues. If he doesn’t specifically ask for your opinion he may not want it. He may just want to let a little bit of aggression out and then let the rest out with some steamy sex. Whatever it is he needs the only way to figure it out is to listen first then talk (or maybe not).
Lastly, there is that whole business about the chemicals that make us high when we chat. We can’t change chemistry but we can find other ways of getting high. Like exercise or shopping!
Will talking is oh so fabulous it isn’t the only way to communicate. So, let’s try some of those silent ways of expression. Like a kiss, holding hands, a wink, the list keeps going. Silence is bliss!
We’d love to know what ways you are trying to communicate these day. Drop us a line in the comments section!

5 Ways to Become the Leader of Your Life

5 Ways to Be a Leader of Your LIFE
The only way to find the life you are meant to live is to take charge and be your own leader.
As we get older we begin to realize that being a follower is not inspiring. Being a follower wont help you live the life you want. Instead you wander through the World living the lives of others. You have to make the choice to find your own life, be a leader of your life and be the person that makes you happy. The best part about taking charge of your desires is that it will bring better and healthier relationships and activities into your life.
So how do you build the life YOU want? How do you stop being a follower and start being YOU?
1. Try everything
The only way to find out what it is that you enjoy is to get out there and try it! Make sure to try a wide array of activities. Try anything from kayaking to knitting, blogging to fishing. You might just surprise yourself and find something you never thought you would enjoy.
2. Make connections
When you jump into fun activities you will automatically meet super interesting people. Say hello, don’t be shy. They may have hobbies that they can introduce you to that you will fall madly in love with!
3. Act the Part
When you get an idea of how you want to live your life get excited. Be happy. If you are happy you will attract more happiness and positive vibes into your life. We always say you are what you eat. Start saying, you are what you do!
4. Inspire others
Volunteer at the local homeless shelter or become a Big Sister. Find ways that you can interact with people who need a bit of a boost in their lives. Making a positive difference in someone’s life is a great way to find you. There are times when we get so downhearted that we need to be a follower to lift us up. Be the leader and help others find their happiness.
5. Journal
Keep a journal of all that you do and the people you meet. The great part about journaling as you find your life is that you can look back and see what you liked and what you didn’t. Maybe you will find that you kind of enjoyed something but maybe need to change it up and simply do something similar but different. The other divine thing about journaling is that it allows you to express your deepest desires, dreams, goals and even fears. Mental healthiness is very important when becoming the leader of your life.
We want to know what you are finding you enjoy. Tell us how you are taking charge and becoming a leader of your life!

10 Benefits Of Drinking Water

Enjoy the delicious benefits of water!
We all know that water is great for your body, but we often leave it out of our healthy diets. So for today’s challenge, let’s get back to giving our bodies what they so desperately need. Water! Drink only water today. According to Mangosteen Natural Remedies our bodies are made up of 2/3 water. Clearly we need to replenish that to keep our bodies strong and vibrant. Obviously on a normal day you want to include a glass of cool milk or some refreshing fresh squeezed OJ. So don’t make it a habit of only drinking water. You need the other types of nutrients too. For a healthy dose of water on a daily basis, Dr. Oz suggests using the 8 x 8 rule (8 glasses of 8ounces). Here are some divine benefits of drinking water!
1. Weight Loss
2. Supple Radiant Skin
3. Reduced or Non-existent Cramps!
4. Greater Brain Function
5. Stronger Muscles
6. Shinier Hair
7. Less Fatigue
8. Excellent Detox
9. No More Headaches, From Dehydration
10. A Happier You!
If you start incorporating more water into your daily routine, what kind of benefits do you notice? Leave a comment below!

Tackle Goal 1

Tackle a goal today and keep moving to a golden life!

Remember those goals you made on day one of your 30 day Southern Gold Challenge? Today is your chance to tackle your first ultimate goal. Can’t remember what your goal was? Go back to the list and pick a new one. Feel accomplished and know that you are on the right track to a happy golden life, one goal at a time.
Day 1 of the Southern Gold Challenge

Live in the Moment & Forget the Planning

Live for this moment not tomorrow's.
You spend every single day in a well thought out routine. Wake up, coffee, shower, work, workout, dinner, bath, sleep. You have been doing this for years and now you find comfort in the mindless planned routine. Today, let’s shake it up. Instead of having your planned out why not go with the flow? See where the day inspires you to go. Take a new route to work. workout before work instead of after. Whatever you feel like doing, do it!
Let us know how it goes today.