Why You Need To Embrace Your Hot Mess Days


Do you ever feel like you simply can’t adult? You’re just a hot mess. It happens. Life gets to be too much and you’ve simply had enough. You can’t adult. BUT… We all know that life keeps moving and you have to find some way to keep up. Sounds like you need a hot mess day. A day to embrace your hot mess self and recharge your adult battery. It’s so easy and gloriously divine. You might just want to schedule a hot mess day from time to time!

So, you wake up and the day just isn’t jiving with you. So instead of faking the feel goods, you reclaim the day as a Hot Mess Day! Go ahead, hit the snooze button. Allow yourself to cuddle a moment of silence. Take a moment to reflect on what has you all frazzled. Is it the late night work sessions you’ve been pulling for the last week? Maybe it’s your hubs crazy loud snoring. Or maybe you simply need a break. Whatever it is file it away. You have to adult now. Rome wasn’t fixed during the 8 minute snooze allotment. It’s time to keep going.

Peel yourself away from the sheets and get ready to fully embrace the hot mess. Take a shower. You may be having a hot mess day but you’re not nasty. So take care of your personal hygiene… It will make you feel a little better, promise. Now that you’re clean it’s the beautiful moment that you get to put aside that pencil skirt and those stilettos and embrace the comfy look. Wear something that is comfy chic. A pair of leggings with an oversized sweater and some flats is always a good hot mess standby. Make those sparkly flats, by the way, because sparkles will brighten almost any mood! Now time for the face. Keep your makeup simple. A little powder, mascara and some lipstick should do the trick. Even if you don’t normally wear lipstick give it a go. A bright color may be fun and silly enough to cheer up that smile. Your hair… Go for total hot mess pony town. A messy bun or ponytail is quick and easy to fix on the go and will completely fit in with your current feels. It won’t get in the way of all the things you have to do to adult today.

Now that your hot mess look has been embraced, it’s time to plan the day… Or rather un-plan the day. You know that a full day of adulating simply isn’t in the cards. So take a peak at your schedule and your To-Do list… What can you take out? Is there a meeting that can be postponed? What items on The List can be moved to another day? Take all of the noncritical items out of your schedule and off of your To-Do list. The goal is to take pressure off yourself and allow for moments of total hot mess meltdown. Everything may seem super important and critical but remember that is what probably brought you to this hot mess day in the first place. So take the time to really analyze what needs to be done and what can wait.

You’re dressed, your day is un-planned, it’s time to act! First stop, the best coffee shop intown. It’s time for something deliciously devilish. Fuel up with your fav bev and a little treat to fill your belly. Now off to adult. Throughout the day enjoy the moments you hve left clear. Take a catnap, drop in to a yoga class, give yourself a good cry session. In those moments do what feels right. Listen to your body and soul and feed it what it is craving. By doing this you are banishing the bad vibes and creating space for good juju. So really soak up these moments. These are the moments that will help you leave the hot mess day behind and refocus your energy so that you can adult tomorrow.

As you move through your day you may encounter a task that is on your critical list but it is really sucking out your energy. It’s time to reassess. Is this something someone can help you with? Getting help can make the problem less daunting. The creative collaboration may not only help accomplish the task but the social bug might also lift your mood. Maybe it is something that just needs to be set aside for a day when you have more strength and openness to tackle it. There is nothing worse than pushing through something and not giving it your best work. All that will do is create more anxiety and hot mess days because you are’nt satisfied with the work you put out. Protect your brand image and make sure you aren’t so cut off from the hot mess blues that you aren’t damaging your work.

Now that the day is done you are hopefully feeling a bit more like your powerful Boss Babe self. You let the day come and go as it needed to, you didn’t force anything and you opened yourself up to give yourself space for what is yet to come. Awesome job! Time to take a moment to plan some more hot mess days. This time, instead of waiting until you can’t adult another day and you absolutely have to take a hot mess day…. PLAN a hot mess day. Find a day once or twice a month and call them your HOT MESS DAYS. Write it in your planner. Save it in your phone. It is an important day for every K Girl to be her most powerful self. Make it a day to play hookie from life and go out and do all the things that feed your soul. Take a yoga class, eat a really deliciously unhealthy lunch, go to an art gallery. But don’t plan your day. A hot mess day is about listening to your inner and embracing what it needs. So let your soul guide you. You very well might sit on the couch all day and do nothing but eat popcorn, watch reality tv. Don’t forget to hackle the stars and throw popcorn at the tv when the feeling moves you. It is seriously unbelievably cathartic! Just do what feelds right. Be moved by the moment.

Hot mess days are vital to your power. Sometimes you get to plan them and sometimes they just need to happen. Whatever the need for the hot mess day… Take It! It is a sign from yourself that you need a break. Allow yourself to embrace it. There is nothing wrong with being a hot mess. There is divine beauty in a hot mess life. Find the beauty. Embrace the hot mess.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment about your favorite hot mess day. Or leave a nugget of inspiration on what you do to get through those hot mess days.





Surviving the Grieving Process

Surviving the Grieving Process
Run and hide. Those are our instincts when it comes to grief. We will do anything we can to avoid the awful pain of losing someone or something. We don’t want to face the reality, so we run. We mask our pain with promiscuity, alcohol, shopping or sometimes complete seclusion. Anything to loose ourselves in. We tell ourselves it is so much easier to hide and run, but is that really true? Nope. What we forget is that even if we run we can only run so fast and for so long. Eventually the thing we were running from will catch up with us. Only now the pain will devour us. It will hurt so much more than had we simply let it in from the beginning. We have to go through the grieving process to heal in a healthy productive way. So it’s time to stop running and face the music. Even if it is some haunted mansion creepy town junk.
So where do you begin? Well this is easy in theory. You begin by acknowledging the loss. Find a nice quiet space where you are truly alone. If you have a favorite zen room, go there. A nice secluded spot in the middle of the wilderness is especially nice (you can really scream it out and no one will hear! – just try not to go late at night). Now, let it all out. EVERYTHING! Don’t hold back. If you are angry this is your chance to drop every nasty four letter word in the book. If you are sad you can still drop every four letter word known to man. The mic is yours. Scream, shout, whisper. Whatever you need to do to get the toxic energy out. Do it.
Once you have verbally and perhaps physically let it out write it out. Your mind is a little clearer now. The toxic waste is leaving and you can really dig deep to the root of the loss. Write down how you are feeling. It may not all come out a t once so try keeping a journal. Carry it with you every day. Sometimes it can be beneficial to be able to write down your feelings the minute they pop up. Use your journal consistently. A study on the Emotional and Physical Health benefits of Expressive Writing found that there was a direct link to a healthier body and mind. Um, yes please! The study even goes in to ways to use expressive writing as a tool for traumatic events (check it out!). It may take a few weeks or months to truly allow yourself to release your true feeling about the loss. There is nothing wrong with this. We all grieve and heal differently.
Remember that time is on your side when it comes to the grieving process. You need to take as much time as you need to be able to move forward in a healthy strong way. The last thing you want to do is rush through your emotions. If you and your significant other recently parted ways, don’t jump into another relationship. Yes, your friends may want you to jump back on the horse but that is simply because they love you and hate seeing you in pain. The important thing to remember is that you have to go through this process at your own speed, no one else’s. This is your life, you set the pace.
Eventually the pain from the loss will lessen and life will return to normal. Well, kind of. The difference will be that you are a little wiser, much stronger and probably healthier than before. So don’t be afraid to feel the pain. Allow yourself to take on the grieving process. Stand up and say “Bring it ON!” You will survive this. You are a strong beautiful K Girl.

Find Your Mantra

Find the mantra to make your life golden!
Today is all about cultivating a happy life. To do that let’s come up with a simple mantra that will make you feel like true Southern Gold. A mantra is simply a saying that helps to guide you. Maybe you need a bit more courage, peace and serenity, to bring about more happiness, the list is endless. So pick something that you wish to bring more of into your life. Next come up with a little phrase when you need a feeling boost. Here are some examples.
1. I am Golden (happy and successful)
2. Happiness if Contagious
3. Breathe and your soul is at peace, listen and your heart is open
4. Let your heart lead you
5. Be a Tigress
For more mantra ideas check these out!
Tiny Buddha
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Mind Body Green
Got any good mantras you would like to share? Tell us in the comments!

Find Love For Your Commitments

Love what you do. Is it time to reevaluate?
Sometimes, life seems to go a million miles a minute. You get caught up in the daily grind and the projects you feel you need to finish, to have the “perfect” life, consume your life. Eventually that’s what it all revolves around, living this perfect life. What you may have forgotten is that the perfect life is more about what makes you happy and less about keeping up with the Jones’. So take today and reevaluate your commitments. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself for each of your commitments.
1. Is it consuming too much of your time?
2. Does it make you smile or cringe?
3. Does it make those around you inspired?
4. Does it push you to move forward and find other exciting endeavors?
5. Is it something that you want those who look up to you to do?
Take a look at your answers. Now, make a list of the pros and cons for your commitments. If you are happy with your answers and your list of pros outweighs the cons then you are good to go! If not, well, you may want to toss that one aside and find something that truly inspires and motivates you. At the end of the day your commitments should lift and ignite your life, not put a damper on it. Do what makes you shine bright!
Let us know if there were any commitments that surprised you. Did you realize that something you really love was something you let fall to the side? We want to hear from you!

5 Simple Healthy Choice To Make Today

We all want to be healthier and happier. Unfortunately, it isn’t so simple. Here are 5 things you can start incorporating into your daily routine today.
Tea and Honey
Swap out a soda for some tea!
1.Wake up 30 minutes earlier.
By waking up a little earlier you will get through your morning routine quicker and will have more time to complete other tasks. Perhaps you could fit in a quick workout and have a good breakfast to start your day off right. Or maybe you have a challenging craft project so you could devote your extra time to finishing a small section of the project each morning. There are lots of ways to start your morning off accomplished. You will feel much more motivated throughout the day which will encourage you to make healthy choices.
2. Swap out one soda for green tea.
We all claim to drink soda to help us stay awake. However, the more we drink the more we crash which means we have to keep drinking. Instead of drinking such a sugary beverage try some green tea. Green tea will give you the caffeine boost you need without the added sugar. Plus green tea has the antioxidants that you need to help fight cravings and speed up your metabolism. Perfect counterpart for your weight loss regime.
3. When cleaning your house put away each item, one at a time.
Cleaning your home is never fun but why not make it a workout challenge. If you have a multi-level home clean the first floor and place any items that need to go to an additional floor next to the stairs. Take one item up or down the stairs to the next level. Keep repeating this until all of the items are put away. For more of a challenge time yourself or run up and down the stairs. Help your kids stay healthy by making them race you up and down the stairs.
4. Prepare tomorrow’s dinner tonight.
When you get home at night you are exhausted and the last thing you want to do is prepare and cook dinner. Its six o’clock and the kids are screaming, the dog needs a walk and you have to get dinner chopped and prepped before you can even think about anything else. So what inevitably happens? You order take-out. Why not make an easy and healthy swap. When the kids have gone to bed and the house is quiet, chop up all of your veggies and marinate your meat for tomorrow’s dinner. Finish all of you prep work now instead of later. This way all you have to do the next day is cook and eat. That is one less step to complete during the craziest time of your day. Plus by doing this you are less likely to order an unhealthy pizza. The hardest part of cooking is already done!
5. Do something for you.
We hear this all the time. “Take five minutes for yourself” Yes, yes, yes. We get it. However, do we really? Don’t short yourself of the easiest trick to a better you. Relax and get happy.
Please remember, these tips are by no means the answers to a healthy and happy K Girl. You will have to eventually add the hard stuff to your routine. But for now, this will do.