10 Summer Fundays

Make your summer end with a bang! Enjoy these 10 Summer Fundays.

With a few more weeks of summer left, it’s time to make the most of the warm sunshine. We’ve got some fabulous summer fundays to make these last weeks extraordinarily memorable.

Cape Cod Bike Ride & Picnic

You don’t have to live at the Cape to enjoy the iconic summer vibe. Find yourself the cutest picnic basket and fill it with all of your favorite goodies. Don’t forget a cute vase to add some flare to you picnic with some fresh picked flowers from your picnic extravaganza. When you basket is packed strap it onto your cruiser and head to the park or near by lake.


Backyard Camping Trip

Sure, you could have a simple backyard camping night, weekend, whatever… BUT why not take it up a notch. Invite your girlfriends, your lucky fella or enjoy the time alone. Set up your tent, add a movie projector, hotdog and s’mores bar… And you’ve got yourself a night of fancy backyard camping.


Polaroid Picture Adventure

There is just something beautifully nostalgic about a polaroid picture. Snag yourself a camera on Amazon and hit the road. Spend the day searching for the perfect summer inspired pictures.


Basic Girl Day

We all love the best of the Basic Girl trends. Why not make a silly day out of doing all the “Basic” things of life. Start your day with some avocado toast and a delicious cup of coffee. Get yourself gorgeous and have a Snapchat selfie sesh. Then you absolutely have to spend the afternoon floating in the pool on a fabulously extra large pink swan. Top the night off with some sushi and a rom-com… don’t forget the rosé!


Get Your Park On

When was the last time someone went parking on a date? Find a secluded spot with a beautiful view and park your car. Hop in the backseat and enjoy a steamy makeout sesh. Enjoy the romantic throwback!


Swing and Read

Grab your summer read and curl up in a hammock. Make sure to grab a light cozy blanket, a crisp glass of wine and a soft pillow. Maybe a few snack too! If you’re looking for the right boo head over to the K Girl Book Klub and grab your copy of our monthly read (don’t forget to signup so you get a new fab book each month).


Find the Perfect Home

Even if you aren’t in the market for a new home, spend the day house hunting. Hit up all the open houses you can find. Be sure to bring a camera and pen and paper. You never know what clever ideas you might see.


Be a Tourist

Get to know your town. Take the day hitting up all the local hotspots and tourist attractions.


Watch a Sunrise

We always catch a beautiful sunset. But how often do we catch a beautiful sunrise? Make yourself some coffee or tea and find a comfy spot to watch the sunrise. Really take in this beautiful moment and let it energize your day.


Throw a Birthday Bash

Who cares if your birthday is in December? Throw yourself a ½ birthday party full of summer fun from when you were a kid. Set up a water sprinkler and maybe a slip n’ slide. Top it all off is a full on sundae bar. Let out your inner child and get wild! Feel free to add an adult flare with some Jell-O shots and you fav drinking game. Just be sure everyone has responsible fun!


With all these great ideas, you are sure to end summer on with a bang. Life is about having fun; whatever you do make sure you are having fun. Get out and experience this beautiful time of year!

Let us know how you enjoyed your summer fundays. Leave a comment below!




20 Most Inspirational Social Media Folks

Get inspired by the internet's most fabulously social folks to help you build the best brand of YOU. Check out our top 20 favorite social media influencers.

We know y’all love to be inspired, so we have rounded up our top 20 fav social media folks.


Your Bold Balanced Life

Perfect for those mamas trying to find balance between your three babies, YOU, family and career.

The Work at Home Wife Community

Being a work from home wife and mommy isn’t as easy as everyone wants to believe. This Facebook group is just what the doctor ordered to give you the support and encouragement you need to keep being fabulous.

Super Soul

Who doesn’t love a Facebook page touched with Oprah love?! EVERYBODY GETS A BEAUTIFUL LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!!!

Olivia Pool

Olivia is brining you a manifestation of divine inspiration, all to help you find your inner conscious entrepreneur.

The Holderness Family

Stop taking life so seriously. Find your inner child and funny bone with the Holderness Fam.



The Amplify Collective

The Amplify Collection is creating a community of empowered fabulous women. You don’t have to be in LA to soak up their inspiring fabulous goodness!

Hatch Tribe

Calling all fabulous #BossBabes! Get ready to be inspired & join a network of awesome ladies.

Danielle LaPorte

The creator of The Desire Map has all the #TruthBombs you need to live a full life.

The Skimm

Hope y’all like your news with a touch of sass to keep you social everyday!

Lisa Hsieh

This fabulous mama is showing us how to live the blessed and balanced life.


Melyssa Griffin

Need a blogging pick me up? Check this lady out!

Sensible Stylista

Get your fashion fix from this dynamic stylista.

Sensible Stylist

Sugar & Charm

We are loving the sweet social vibes.

Sugar & Charm

Caitlin Baucher

Keep tabs on the latest trends and get social.

Caitlin Baucher

Southern Hospitality

You always need a bit of classy Southern charm on your board.

Southern Hospitality



Justine Santaniello

Miss Justine is exactly what you need to inspire you to build the YOU brand.

Justine Twitter

A Coffee & A Dream

That is a combo that explains it all. Delicious!

A Coffee and a Dream

Alex Wehrley

Get empowered. #Empowerista

Alex W


Keep the conversation going and learn how other divine entrepreneurs make magic on the social line.


Day Designer

They’re not just helping you plan your day… Get ready to plan your life, one day at a time!

Day Designer


We hope y’all enjoy these lovely social media folks. For more inspiration with a touch of grace and charm be sure to follow K Girl on all your favorite social media networks!

Don’t forget to leave us a comment below about YOUR favorite peeps to follow.

Women Like to Talk BUT Silence Is Bliss

Women Like To Talk
Anyone else love to talk? Show of hands. Yeah, it is no secret that most women LOVE to talk. We talk about the sky, what’s trending, what we ate today, how we’re feeling, how someone else should feel… EVERYTHING! A lot of times we literally talk things to death. Especially with our male companions. We talk when we really need to shut up.
It has been sad that women talk 3x more than men. One study says “the average woman uses up 20,000 words in a day – 13,000 more than the average man.” That is a lot of chatter. But ladies, it’s not really your fault. Dr. Louann Brizendine (http://drlouann.ning.com/), author of The Female Brain, says that when a woman talks her brain releases chemicals that give her a high like a heroin addict. Um, that’s crazy talk! But it’s true. So, our secret is out, we do love hearing ourselves talk. #SorryNotSorry We can’t help it! Or can we?
What we can help is how much we talk to our counterparts. Dr. Brixendine found that the female brain has larger pockets for communication, emotion and social connections. While the male brain has large pockets for sex and aggression. That sounds about right. With this information about the way our brains are set up it makes sense that men tune us out. They simply don’t have the space in their brains to absorb all that we are spewing at them. They want to talk about sex and how pissed off they are.
Let’s say your man is having a really bad day. He is super pissed and wants to vent. He starts going on about what happened and then…. You interject. You ask him how that made him feel. Then you ask him what he could have done differently. His response will usually be, “Nothing. I did everything I could.” Good one. Women look at the world like a puzzle. We look for all the ways we can put the puzzle together until we find the right way. We have to figure it out until we get it right. Many men try it one way and if it doesn’t work they move on. But in our need to “talk it out” we have to give him all the different ways he could have gotten through the day or whatever it is he is pissed about. The thing is he doesn’t really care. He said what he needed to say and feels better. He’s ready to move on to more important matters like sex and food. So by the time you get half way through your “How to Make Life Better” speech he is already thinking about sex. You’ve lost him. But yet you keep talking.
So let’s stop talking and start listening more. We don’t have to solve everything. Sometimes there is nothing to solve. Sometimes all we can do is be a silent rock for him to lean on. Just because our brains are wired to have a need to communicate doesn’t mean we can’t find other ways of doing it. Silence can truly be bliss. Listen to what he is saying. If we use the social connection part of our brains we will find that we are very good at reading people. So listen and look for his cues. If he doesn’t specifically ask for your opinion he may not want it. He may just want to let a little bit of aggression out and then let the rest out with some steamy sex. Whatever it is he needs the only way to figure it out is to listen first then talk (or maybe not).
Lastly, there is that whole business about the chemicals that make us high when we chat. We can’t change chemistry but we can find other ways of getting high. Like exercise or shopping!
Will talking is oh so fabulous it isn’t the only way to communicate. So, let’s try some of those silent ways of expression. Like a kiss, holding hands, a wink, the list keeps going. Silence is bliss!
We’d love to know what ways you are trying to communicate these day. Drop us a line in the comments section!

Have a Little Faith

Sometime you just need a little faith. We all struggle with self-doubt, fear, egos and so much more. How do we keep the faith and move a few mountains, so to speak. Maybe you just need a little faithful magic. You have the power to be and do what you want. You just have to dig deep within and let out your inner goddess. Allow yourself to blindly follow the staircase in front of you.

There are times when you have to jump, feet first, and let go. Beautiful things happen with this blind faith. Not knowing what may come next can be exciting. This excitement creates the adrenalin rush that pushes you to explore the unknown. It allows you to be open to new possibilities. However, in order to be blindly open you have to first know yourself. What are your likes and dislikes? What are your goals in life, long and short-term? If you have these ideals, of who you are and what you want, engraved into your mind then, when you jump, life can take hold and make the impossible a reality. So, take time to reflect on your inner being. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; meditate daily. Carve out a small space of time everyday to reflect on you, and to be one with your soul. It doesn’t have to be an exorbitant amount of time; 5 or 10 minutes a day will suffice. The key is consistency. By being still for a few moments each day you become in tune with yourself. Overtime you will learn more and more about yourself; allowing you to find the confidence you need to face life’s big and small challenges. Remember, taking time for yourself, to find who YOU are, is not the same as being alone.Jump
Sometimes we need to encase ourselves with people who love us, people who will help us to be strong. Having a support system, that allows you to make waves and sculpt the earth, is very important. This essential group of supporters can be anyone; friends, family, the grocery store clerk (who thinks you rock). Look past the normal suspects and find those you meet in your everyday life, even for a moment in the checkout line, can help to influence your journey in a positive way. That’s what life is, a journey. It is your job to pack your car full of people who will help you navigate around and through any obstacles that pop up. Perhaps the big daunting “next step” in your life is to lose a bit of weight. Your support group could very well be your trusty black lab! Hey, no one said this support group had to be human! If they can talk to you about what is going on, well, that would be a plus.
Once more, if you have someone who will not only support you but also join you, well, then combined you are the most powerful duo to reign. To achieve this power you, once again, have to know who you are. To share something so deep and intense you have to know yourself; so that you can know, even if subconsciously, who your perfect partner in crime is to be. Find people of like-minds. Chances are they will be looking to take similar leaps of faith!

A very wise man, named Martin Luther King Jr., once said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Life is always two steps ahead of your every move. Let it be. Have a little faith.