Finding Your Silver Lining

 Feeling like life is one big pot of crazy?! Need something to make you smile? Your silver lining might just be right in front of you.
Life can be tough. Do you often find yourself engulfed in the daily grind? Never truly seeing or appreciating your life… Then POOF! You wake up one day and your whole life has flown by. Sure, maybe you take time for yourself but you can’t seem to relax long enough to soak up the benefits from the escape. Here’s the kicker… It is a simple-ish switch in your mindset. If you want to bring more happiness into your life you have to put in the effort to appreciate ALL that you have. Yes, ALL, even the crappy stuff.
Those negative bits of life, that irritate the hell out of you, do have silver linings. You simply have to look for them. Sometimes they are harder to see than other moments, but they are there. Let’s say you have an extremely negative person in your life. What is the first thing you are going to do? You are going to tell them to peace out. Right?! That’s happiness 101. Get rid of all negative energy. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this simply isn’t always an option. Either they keep finding their way back into your life or they are an in-law or someone you are usually fond of and aren’t ready to let go of. No matter what the reason is for them staying in your life, you have to remember that there IS a reason. The reason isn’t always that they are one day going to be your BFF or your fav person. Sometimes the drama they are dishing out will affect another area of your life. Maybe the drama they are bringing into your life pushes you closer to someone else. Hopefully, once their purpose for you life is fulfilled (in the eyes of the Cosmos) the Negative Nelly will find their way out of your life. Often when you focus your attention elsewhere (like a budding health relationship) the party pooper moves one, because you aren’t taking the time and energy to feed their egos by joining in on their drama fest. Sometimes these types just want to alienate you or ruin another relationship you have. Hopefully this only makes your relationship stronger! Silver Lining!!
Sometimes it’s not a person but a piece of your life. Maybe it’s your crappy job, working for crappy people, in a crappy city. Sure, maybe it started out awesome. You were excited and challenged. What could possibly go wrong?! Well… a pile of crap can go wrong. It just keeps piling up until one day you realize you no longer know or love your life. But there is still time to fix it. Dust off that resume, update your personal brand, create a life brand. As you do all of this you will see how much wiser you are and how much more kick butt experience you now have. All because of the crappiness you have been experiencing in your life. These new powerhouse traits you have picked up are going to help you land a truly awesome job… silver lining. Boom.
The thing about silver linings is that you have to look for them. They aren’t always jumping up and down right in front of your face screaming, “Yo! Hom girl! It’s me, a silver lining.” That would be awesome but totally not gonna happen… 99% of the time. And if you are looking and you really can’t find them… well, that’s because it’s all inside your head. You need to relax and refocus. You can’t see them because your head is a total mush ball of chaotic crappy crap trying to ruin your life. Don’t let it do that. Take back control over your mind (and your life) and find those damn silver linings!
To gain that control you have to remember that life won’t suck forever. In the meantime, enjoy those silver linings and don’t forget to give those crappy moments a chuckle. You never know when a silver lining is hiding inside. So, change your mind, let positivity in and shut out the crap. Otherwise, you are going to get sucked into the crap hole and you seriously don’t want that.
Stay positive and hopeful. Eventually, whatever issue you have will resolve itself, one way or another. You simply have to be patient and enjoy every little happy moment you can grasp onto. And in those frustrating moments keep your faith in that silver lining.

The Good Life

You're an Obstacle
The good life is yours, if you get out of the way.
It can be so easy to get caught up in the mundane daily grind. When something good comes along, you are so excited, you forget to think things through and you rush into it. Often times, this leads to our amazingly exciting good moment turning into a hassle or regret. Keeping the excitement alive can be difficult; however, if you harness the momentum of the moment your dream becomes a reality.
First things first, take a breath! When we get all emotional about something, whether good or bad, we become impulsive. Taking a step back and evaluating the situation can be a huge asset to keeping the momentum of your new journey. Make sure when you evaluate what is happening you look at all of your cards. Look at the people involved and how they will respond; you may have to deal with each of them in a way that is conducive to their personalities. Look at the financial aspects, if there are any. Most importantly, look at how it will affect YOUR life; will it become an added burden or will it be just what you needed. These are all things to consider when jumping into something new and exciting.
Remember to not jump too quickly; take it slow. Taking it slow is good, because it allows you to think clearly and make calculated decisions. If you have the opportunity to start a business, one you have been dreaming of for years, slowing down the process will ensure that you start a business that can survive. While taking things slow and being calculated can be good remember not to be too slow. You don’t want to let chance pass you by. So be cautious of over compensating for your enthusiasm.
Crossing this bridge of opportunity, slowly, also allows you to fully enjoy what is happening. This is a thrilling adventure for you. The last thing you want to say, when it is all said and done, is, “Wow, what the heck happened?!” You should remember every peak and every valley. Allow yourself to absorb the emotions of what is happening. It is okay to be excited about things you get, even if that means someone you know may be jealous or hurt. It is called a “good thing” for a reason. Relish in your victorious break. Being truly happy about what is going on is one indicator that you are on the right path. If you aren’t excited about this then perhaps you need to reconsider. With that being said, you don’t want to be a gloater. Keep your enthusiasm in check. Losing a friend or colleague over this may turn this glorious moment into a sorrowful mess.
No matter what happens with this new passage in your life you are prepared. You will take a deep breath and slowly walk though. You will relish the moments one by one and you will allow yourself to feel all of the emotions associated with this change in your life. It is a change. This moment WILL change you. No matter what you ultimately decide, feelings will be the result of that choice. Don’t stop yourself from being emotional, good or bad. Most importantly, if you do anything at all during this time, have fun. Enjoy it. You deserve this.


Change is inevitable. Change does not always mean your world will be turned upside down; perhaps you are changing the type of shampoo you use. No big deal. You can manage that. However, sometimes change brings large, life altering adjustments. These tend to be the more stressful and difficult obstacles. How you deal with these fluctuations is not only what determines your life journey but also your character.
The Path
Change is your pathway to something better!
The number one rule about dealing with big life changes is to not deal with the matter until the time demands for it. Save yourself the headaches and worrying by waiting until the situation is ready to be solved. Many times we overthink what could be. You hear you may be offered a job with a company you have wanted to be a part of for some time. While this is exciting it also means you must move your family to another state. You have no idea if you are going to even be offered the job. Why worry over something that has not even happened yet. When the time comes and the job is offered you will sit down with your family and deal with it then. You have to remember to take life one step at a time. Don’t freak out when you have no idea what you are actually freaking out about.
Often when we try to anticipate change and we begin to psych ourselves out waiting for the worst possible scenario. When in fact, the change ends up being the best thing to ever happen to us. When change occurs be optimistic about it. You may be surprised by how exciting and invigorating your new adventure is. Perhaps you are ending a difficult relationship and you are terrified to step out on your own again. You have been with this one person for so long you don’t think you will remember how to be single. But in the end, life will iron itself out and you may not only learn more about yourself but you may find someone special to share your new life with.
Changes, no matter how big or small, will not only change your external world but also your internal self. You will change. Each time life throws us a new ball it impacts our bat differently. The key is to be the bat and absorb all of the energy of the ball and throw out positive energy back into the world. This positive energy will make the ball soar and invigorate everyone around you.
Change does not have to be a long winding road of uncertainty. Think of it more as a beautiful path that leads to a world of possibilities and excitement. When we are positive the world can’t help but shine some much needed light on our lives.