Why Giving Your Brand A Break Is Okay

Hi beautiful friends! Our founder, Kiki, has a little something to share with you as we kick off our new look & vibe.
Well, hello! I wanted to take the opportunity on this first blog of the fabulous new K Girl to share a bit about what has been going on with myself and with K Girl, and why it’s okay. I am sure you have noticed that since K Girl first launched three years ago we have been anything but consistent. Our content was spotty, our brand was mismatched. We have been running a bit chaotically. So I made the choice to take a little, okay maybe a lot, of time off and refocus.
When I started K Girl it was at the end of a serious relationship. It was a time in my life where I began realizing I had lost myself in the relationship and I no longer knew who I was. So I created the K Girl blog as a way not only to find myself but to help other fabulous women find themselves too. Of course, in hindsight it may have been smarter to have found myself first and then shared what I learned with all of you… or was it truly smarter? The chicken or the egg…
Over the past few years I have definitely found myself and also honed in on why I started K Girl and what I want K Girl to look like in the long haul. I found that I love helping people and empowering women, like myself. I also found that my favorite way to do this is through branding. I believe that life branding is one of those life components that often times gets overlooked and underestimated. A life brand is a brilliant, concise way to define who you are and where you are going in life, love and profession. We’ll dive deeper into what a life brand is later down the road.) But like many humans it took me awhile to discover my purpose and define it.
I have had many ideas for K Girl. And I have time and time again announced my new divine plan, and then… faltered. I either never started or my idea and motivation quickly fizzled. Last year as I was preparing for the birth of my first child I had a serious chat with myself (not out loud, don’t worry, I am not nuts). I called myself out. I was being lazy, undirected. I needed a reset. So, I hit the pause button. I spent the past year dreaming up ideas but not dramatically announcing them to the world. Instead I took a more organic approach; I quietly talked about them to close friends and then I did something truly important. I discovered how I work best.
This was important because it was the beginning of curing my lazy-self. I totally stopped what I was doing and put all my focus into figuring out the best method for me to accomplish all I wanted. I also needed to be able to sustain this new form of working. What I found was that I am super focused from about 7am – 11am and that I get creative at about 2am… Yeah, so not sustainable. Going to bed at 3 am and waking up at 6am while being a single mom to a one year old just wasn’t going to work. So, I decided to just be organic with it. Some days I get up at 6 and other days it’s more like 10 when little man wakes up (Yes, I am crazy lucky that my kid goes to bed at 10pm and gets up at 10am). I haven’t yet found a way to honor both of my working times within the same day. I am still, and always will be, a work in progress. But I am focising on me and how I can bring my dreams to fruition, while still honoring all parts of my life.
Sometimes that means you have to put everything on hold and figure shit out. So that sucked for all of you because my little sabbatical meant K Girl was a total inconsistent hot mess. So finally a few months ago I made the choice to totally shut it down. No more blogs, no more social media posts. Nothing. I wanted to be sure I was truly ready for the next phase of my life and K Girl. Now, if K Girl had a larger following and was a bigger operation this would have been a problem. However, K Girl isn’t there yet(but just you wait, boooyyee!). We are still an unknown blog with a handful of incredibly generous followers. So I had the ability to do this. And I am forever grateful to you for allowing me to take that time.
The whole putting your life on hold may seem nuts but it really is freeing. For those of us who seem to be aimlessly wandering through this world, a total reset is exactly what we need. Now, when you do this no apologizing! You are honoring you and your beautiful hustle. Everyone else can deal with it. When you get back to reality you will be a more confident beautiful person. You will be a better person for you AND everyone else. So it’s a win-win!
I get that you may not be able to take a year or two off and find YOU. But you can still be cognizant of the world you live in and discover the life brand that not only defines who you are but that you can exude with joy and confidence. I had to do this while learning to be a new mom too. So it’s not like I was just at home eating bon-bons. If I can do it you can too.
Just remember to be unapologetic, honest and loving to yourself and others during this transition of YOU. At the end of the day you owe it to yourself to dive into you. Figure out your dreams, how you work and what is the best approach to make it all come true… for you.
You got this.


We want to hear from you. Be sure to drop us a note below and let us know how you have and are honoring yourself to find your life brand.

Making Dreams Come True


Chasing your dreams is no easy fete. So often we are riddled with fear, doubt, insecurity… Y’all know the list can go on a mile long. So how do we let go of that big, long, scary list and turn our dreams into reality?
Probably the easiest part to chasing our dreams is making them. Letting inspiration flow over you and conjuring up how you want your life or maybe business to look. What you have to do once those inspirational juices start flowing is write it down! Go to the store find your self the cutest (or most badass) notebook you can find, go home, sit down with pen (make it permanent but don’t be afraid to scratch out and scribble more) in hand and write. Get those dreams out of your head and onto a tangible list you can hold and see.
Now it is time to start doing something about those awesome dreams you’ve thought up… Um, yeah, okay. Are you thinking, “Good one. Let me get right on that. After! I do the laundry, feed the kids, wash the dog, go to the store…” Okay, so that list you just created in your head, the one with all the things you need to do before you follow your dreams… Yeah, add that to your list that’s a mile long. Ain’t nobody got time for that list. Not when you’re building your empire of dreams. Instead forget about the list that is a mile long and focus on the list of dreams. Look at it every single day. Maybe add a few more details to that awesome dream of yours.
Now, eventually there will come a time when the stars align and the Universe says, “K Girl, it’s time to jump.” This is the time to take that list that is a mile long, build a giant bomb fire and burn that sucker till it’s crispy little bits of ash. You don’t need that list and you certainly don’t want that list. It’s dream-making time! So, get up and do. No, the DO part of chasing dreams is not easy but it’s what you have to do. You have to look at your book of dreams and DO IT. That is the only way to make them happen. Sorry there isn’t a magic pill to take or enchanted wand to wave. Chasing dreams, especially the big ones, requires action from YOU and no one else.
But guess what, you are an incredibly talented, beautiful K Girl that can 100% do this. We would love to know how this post is helping you chase those dreams or share some tips on how y’all are getting’ it done. Cheers to the chase, y’all!

Surviving the Grieving Process

Surviving the Grieving Process
Run and hide. Those are our instincts when it comes to grief. We will do anything we can to avoid the awful pain of losing someone or something. We don’t want to face the reality, so we run. We mask our pain with promiscuity, alcohol, shopping or sometimes complete seclusion. Anything to loose ourselves in. We tell ourselves it is so much easier to hide and run, but is that really true? Nope. What we forget is that even if we run we can only run so fast and for so long. Eventually the thing we were running from will catch up with us. Only now the pain will devour us. It will hurt so much more than had we simply let it in from the beginning. We have to go through the grieving process to heal in a healthy productive way. So it’s time to stop running and face the music. Even if it is some haunted mansion creepy town junk.
So where do you begin? Well this is easy in theory. You begin by acknowledging the loss. Find a nice quiet space where you are truly alone. If you have a favorite zen room, go there. A nice secluded spot in the middle of the wilderness is especially nice (you can really scream it out and no one will hear! – just try not to go late at night). Now, let it all out. EVERYTHING! Don’t hold back. If you are angry this is your chance to drop every nasty four letter word in the book. If you are sad you can still drop every four letter word known to man. The mic is yours. Scream, shout, whisper. Whatever you need to do to get the toxic energy out. Do it.
Once you have verbally and perhaps physically let it out write it out. Your mind is a little clearer now. The toxic waste is leaving and you can really dig deep to the root of the loss. Write down how you are feeling. It may not all come out a t once so try keeping a journal. Carry it with you every day. Sometimes it can be beneficial to be able to write down your feelings the minute they pop up. Use your journal consistently. A study on the Emotional and Physical Health benefits of Expressive Writing found that there was a direct link to a healthier body and mind. Um, yes please! The study even goes in to ways to use expressive writing as a tool for traumatic events (check it out!). It may take a few weeks or months to truly allow yourself to release your true feeling about the loss. There is nothing wrong with this. We all grieve and heal differently.
Remember that time is on your side when it comes to the grieving process. You need to take as much time as you need to be able to move forward in a healthy strong way. The last thing you want to do is rush through your emotions. If you and your significant other recently parted ways, don’t jump into another relationship. Yes, your friends may want you to jump back on the horse but that is simply because they love you and hate seeing you in pain. The important thing to remember is that you have to go through this process at your own speed, no one else’s. This is your life, you set the pace.
Eventually the pain from the loss will lessen and life will return to normal. Well, kind of. The difference will be that you are a little wiser, much stronger and probably healthier than before. So don’t be afraid to feel the pain. Allow yourself to take on the grieving process. Stand up and say “Bring it ON!” You will survive this. You are a strong beautiful K Girl.

Create a Morning Routine

Start your day off right with the best morning routine for you!
For Day 13 of the Southern Gold Challenge, you are tasked with writing down a morning ritual you would like to give a whirl. Here is a nice simple example to get your day started.
Place your alarm clock across the room.
Set your alarm clock to a Happy Song.
Shake your groove thing all the way across the room to turn off your alarm.
Jump in the shower before anything else
Turn on your radio and boogie while you get dolled up for your day
Have a light delicious breakfast and an invigorating cup of coffee or tea
Do one thing to bring you joy.
Write a blog post
Read a book chapter
Crochet a few rows
Creating a morning routine is meant to help you to get motivated and inspire positivity for the rest of your day. Keep that in mind when you are creating yours. Write this list down. Tomorrow we are going to put it into action!

Wake Up Happy

7 Happy songs to get your day started right!
How many times do you wake up groggy and grumpy? Today, set your alarm to a happy song. Don’t wake up to the crude noise of deeps or a fog horn. The jolting sound will always be the rude awakening that doesn’t inspire positivity and happiness. Here are some great happy songs to get your day started!
Want to Want Me
by Jason Derulo
by Sara Bareilles
Sunny Side Up
by Martina McBride
by Pharrell Williams
Marry You
by Bruno Mars
Wonder Woman
by Loin Babe
Stuck Like Glue
by Sugarland
What are your favorite happy songs for the morning wake up?

Fresh Start

Breakups are hard and hurt way too much. But what would we expect? They are called BREAKups after all. The worst part of a breakup is the moving on. You have spent so much time and energy dreaming and planning for your future with this one person and in a single moment it is all washed away with tears. So how are you supposed to get your fresh start?
Fresh Start
Find the beauty in the discarded.
First things first. Make a Fresh Start list. Decide what you have always wanted to accomplish but didn’t because one thing or another got in the way. Maybe you wanted to lose a few extra pounds; join a gym and take some classes where you can meet new and exciting people. Perhaps you want to start a new career, one that doesn’t tie you down to a desk all day long. Take some time to find out what means the most to you in life. Just make sure this list is full of things that come from your heart and not your impulses. Stay away from things like getting a tattoo or dying your hair purple. Make positive choices to promote a happy life. You don’t want to regret the list. This list symbolizes your fresh start. So dream big and don’t settle.
For many settling is the reason your relationship didn’t work out. You became complacent and then resented that life. This is your fresh start to be choosey. Take your time to make decisions. There is no rush. When you are ready to get your own place take your time and look at all of your options. The last thing you want to say to yourself is, “Well hey, it’s smelly and creepy but it’s cheap.” The same can be said when you begin to date again. This is your chance to get it right. Be picky. Make sure this guy is all the things you are looking for. This is your fresh start to get it right.
The most important part about achieving your fresh start is being selfish. No one wants to be the selfish type but when you are getting your life back that is exactly what you are entitled to do. This is your time to think of only yourself and to figure out just what it is you want in life. You won’t be selfish forever. Once you pick up the pieces of your life and get the engine running again you will be anything but selfish. Remember to take all the time you need. It’s hard and may be a slow process.
Nothing about this next chapter is going to be easy. You are going to have good days and bad days. There will be tears and anger but in the end the goal is to have a happy and fresh start on life. Be extraordinary.