About K Girl

Here at K Girl our goal is to empower you to build a life brand to help you live your dream life. We want you to create a life brand that you can check back in with for guidance through your entire life from your career to your relationships to your style and even you health. We are here for YOU, an awesome, empowered, Boss.


Our Story

Our story began back in February of 2015 as Carissa Ann K, our founder, set off on an epic search for a new life for herself. She was stuck in a failing relationship, a stale job and without a local tribe. She was facing a lifetime in someone else’s shoes. So, to help her through her transformation she created K Girl, a blog to give her a voice and a platform to inspire other beautiful women to find their lives. Carissa Ann knew that if she felt like she was trapped in the mundane then there were a sh*t ton of other babes out there dealing with a similar struggle. She wanted to walk with them, YOU, together, discovering a powerfully designed brand to live by. That was the birth of K Girl.


Our Future

K Girl is a blog that is, and will be, forever evolving. Sure, we are a blog today, but who knows what our future holds. The same goes for you. Never limit yourself to what you see today. Dream big, babe. With a life brand to guide you, the World is yours for the taking.