July Book Club

Two By Two

by Nicholas Sparks


So often we are stuck in a life that quickly becomes unrecognizable. When we begin down the path of life each new phase is exillerating. New career, marriage, children… each of the “big moments” of life renew us and excite us and we think, Ah, this is the life. But what happens when we get caught up in the idea of a perfect life instead of living the life we have been given?

     In Two by Two heartthrob author, Nicholas Sparks, takes us on a journey through the collapse of “the perfect life.” When we meet Russ he has it all. The perfect family, ideal job, beautiful home in the perfect place. However, he soon realizes, as many living the “perfect” life do, that it is simply a facade hiding the true colors of his life. We read through tears, belly laughs and curled toes as he navigates his way to a life that is truly worth living. It may be chaotic, unconventional and a hot mess at times but satisfyingly lovable.

Isn’t that what we are all searching for? As you read this captivating book, be sure to reflect on your own life. Allow your hopes, dreams and desires to creep in and become a part of the story. As they do, ask yourself if you are living the life or merely a dream?

Be sure to share your thoughts on the book. We’d also love to know how the book helped you find a life you can ride off into the sunset with.

Happy reading!

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