October Book Klub

The Singles Game may seem like the most unlikely of books to pick up from the nearest Barnes & Nobles to help you create the perfect life brand… but don’t count this fictional novel delight out just yet. Lauren Weisberger is no stranger to writing novels about boss babes who learn a thing or two about living a life they dream of. Devil Wears Prada… anyone?! So it is no surprise that The Singles Game is any less fiercely inspiring.

Grab yourself a cup of fully caffeinated coffee and get ready to dive into the world of love, tennis and self respect.

Can’t wait to here how this book helps you find your new and improved Warrior Princess. Leave us a note below.

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September Book Klub

Often times we read things that come from a single source. They are often slanted to the viewpoint of the writers. But in The Nature Fix, author Florence Williams brilliantly walked into her journey merely seeking answers to questions she really didn’t understand. Just as many of us don’t really know why being outdoors makes us feel good but we would like to know why. Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to harness Mother Nature and have her wisdom in our ear whenever we need it? The Nature Fix will give you just that.

The Nature Fix is so much more than a boring book about how nature can help you. Florence Williams takes us on a journey through countries and time as she unravels the mysteries that nature has over us mortals. Her witty outlook on her epic date with Mother Nature is a true delight. You will be captivated to learn and read more.

SO grab your cup of bark tea (if you dare), find a beautiful meadow and enjoy this lovable, knowledge packed book into why nature is good for your life brand.

August Book Klub

You Are A BadA**

By Jen Sincero


Every so often you find a book that is technically in the “self-help” arena but is yet so beyond the, oh so cheesey, Find Your Inner Peace, Find Your Life, BS out there. You Are A Bada** is that rarity. Jen Sincero brilliantly breaks down all the crap you have been bottling up in your life. She cracks your “bottle of life” over your head and pours out the crap juice you’ve been drinking. THEN she rebuilds you a seriously kick-a** pimp cup and helps you brew the most delicious adult life EVER. Maybe a life of romantic rosé or a hoppy adventure…

We suggest reading this nugget of AWESOME a few times. Do it over the next few weeks and then maybe try to read it all in one sitting. This is definitely one of those books that has so much goodness that you are going to want to read it over and over again. It’s that good.

So RUN (walking is for the non-bada** folks) to the nearest book store, get your copy and get to reading. It’s funny, it’s deep, it’s powerful… it truly is going to change your life. So get ready to embrace the Bada** that already lives within. Woot!

Leave us a comment below of what you think of the book. And if you have any suggestions for future reads, leave us note!

Happy Reading!

July Book Klub

Two By Two

by Nicholas Sparks


So often we are stuck in a life that quickly becomes unrecognizable. When we begin down the path of life each new phase is exillerating. New career, marriage, children… each of the “big moments” of life renew us and excite us and we think, Ah, this is the life. But what happens when we get caught up in the idea of a perfect life instead of living the life we have been given?

     In Two by Two heartthrob author, Nicholas Sparks, takes us on a journey through the collapse of “the perfect life.” When we meet Russ he has it all. The perfect family, ideal job, beautiful home in the perfect place. However, he soon realizes, as many living the “perfect” life do, that it is simply a facade hiding the true colors of his life. We read through tears, belly laughs and curled toes as he navigates his way to a life that is truly worth living. It may be chaotic, unconventional and a hot mess at times but satisfyingly lovable.

Isn’t that what we are all searching for? As you read this captivating book, be sure to reflect on your own life. Allow your hopes, dreams and desires to creep in and become a part of the story. As they do, ask yourself if you are living the life or merely a dream?

Be sure to share your thoughts on the book. We’d also love to know how the book helped you find a life you can ride off into the sunset with.

Happy reading!

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Join the Klub and snag your copy today!





K Girl’s Summer Reading

Perfect summer reading for every K Girl!
Perfect summer reading for every K Girl!
It is time to hit the beach! Whether you are a tanning Queen or a sporty surfer type, there will be a time in your beach living that you need a good book to unwind. Here is our summer reading list.

The Carpenter

by Jon Gordon
This is a great little book that packs a powerful life punch. The Carpenter is far beyond your ordinary “business knowhow” book. Mr. Gordon takes his wisdom and transforms it into an easy and lovable story.An absolute must read for every entrepreneur & leader.

Girls In Trucks

by Katie Crouch
This fun easy read is the perfect book to take you back to the South. Ms. Crouch’s style of writing will keep you searching for answers and thoroughly engaged. Girls In Trucks  is full of Southern charm & manners.

The Summer Series (Summer Girls, Summer Wind & Summer’s End)

by Mary Alice Monroe
The Lowcountry series is the ideal beach read. Beautifully written and full of laughs, tears & so much more. Pick up all three & you are set for the summer.

The Glass Kitchen

by Linda Francis Lee
The Glass Kitchen is a vivid story you wont soon forget. You will giggle for hours on the sandy beach. Ms. Lee will captivate you with her pungent details and smooth writing. Just make sure to stock up on lots of delicious treats before you dive into this quirky story.


by Sophia Amoruso

Great read for the female entrepreneur. Sophia Amoruso started from nothing and built an empire. #GirlBoss will make you laugh out loud. Even if you know her story you will never except all the twists and turns. Talk about an inspiration!