August Book Klub

You Are A BadA**

By Jen Sincero


Every so often you find a book that is technically in the “self-help” arena but is yet so beyond the, oh so cheesey, Find Your Inner Peace, Find Your Life, BS out there. You Are A Bada** is that rarity. Jen Sincero brilliantly breaks down all the crap you have been bottling up in your life. She cracks your “bottle of life” over your head and pours out the crap juice you’ve been drinking. THEN she rebuilds you a seriously kick-a** pimp cup and helps you brew the most delicious adult life EVER. Maybe a life of romantic rosé or a hoppy adventure…

We suggest reading this nugget of AWESOME a few times. Do it over the next few weeks and then maybe try to read it all in one sitting. This is definitely one of those books that has so much goodness that you are going to want to read it over and over again. It’s that good.

So RUN (walking is for the non-bada** folks) to the nearest book store, get your copy and get to reading. It’s funny, it’s deep, it’s powerful… it truly is going to change your life. So get ready to embrace the Bada** that already lives within. Woot!

Leave us a comment below of what you think of the book. And if you have any suggestions for future reads, leave us note!

Happy Reading!

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