5 Ways to Make Your Clients Feel the Love

So you own a business. You want your clients to invest in your company, your BRAND. How do you let your clients know just how important they are to you? BE YOU! Sprinkle some extra love onto your clients by being yourself. How would you treat your best friend or family? Your clients are no different. Think of your brand as a community of really close friends. Here are 5 tips to really get the brand love train rolling!

Send handwritten notes

Today, in business, almost everyone has taken up the art of a handwritten Thank You. But how many make a lasting impression with a note from the heart simply to check in? Your clients want to know you care. They want to feel special. So send them notes simply to say ‘Hi.’ Let them know just how important they are to you and your business. After all, they are the reason you are in business.

Greet your clients with a hug

Okay, maybe this one is a bit hippie dippy BUT there aren’t too many people who don’t love or need a good hug. This is especially important if they are having a rough day. Not only will you boost their spirits, you will set the stage for the meeting. Plus, again, they will feel special. They will feel like part of your business family. So greet them with a warm hug. And when the meeting is over hug them again. Research has shown that a proper hug builds trust. Let this kind gesture be the last piece of your brand they remember.

Give them Swag

Who seriously doesn’t want to feel like a rock star? At each meeting give them a little token to take with them. At the first meeting it’s always good to give them a pen and paper and a folder packed with info about your business. Don’t forget to throw in something fun… Maybe a tote to carry their loot! Then at each meeting thereafter find something new. Keep track of what you give them so you don’t repeat the gifts; an ornament with your logo at Christmas, a water bottle during the summer. Keep it simple, keep it relevant and keep it promotional.

Send love through Referrals

People love to be bragged on. So talk up your clients. Let them know how awesome they are by sending customers their way. Now, know your clients! Some clients might prefer your relationship be left confidential. So know your business and know your clients.

Remember important dates

Know your clients like you know you or your business. Remember birthdays (of clients and businesses), launch dates, press releases… ANYTHING that they may be excited about. If a client or owner is under the weather send flowers and a card. Whatever the occasion, send a handwritten note or a gift. Whatever your heart and budget allow. A personal phone call is also a huge way to let them know that they are so important to you that you took time out of your day for them.

Hope these tips help y’all spread some love from the heart of your brand. Give these a try and let us know how it goes! We’d also love to hear what special things y’all do to let your clients know they’re important to you.





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